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Growth is our only hope to achieving true fulfillment in life. Working on opportunities to grow as a family and as individuals will greatly elevate your future success.



Is the capacity to withstand or to recover quickly from difficulties.
If societies fail it is because the families within that society have lost their ability to be resilient and create the success and change they desire to see.



Every person plays a crucial part in the family masterpiece. Helping all of your precious pieces operate in a healthy way with more resilience and mental toughness is key to your family's future success.

Meet Coach Stephen

Coach Stephen is a pretty likable dude!

His successful transition from Corporate America to working for himself inspires him to help other men do the same.

He was tired of being under-valued and over-worked and found himself lost and feeling unfulfilled.

Stephen knows this is a common problem with many men who are striving to provide for their families.

Whether it's to help you as a dad be home with your family more, or whether it's to simply live a more intentional, purposeful life doing what you love and are passionate about, he can help you crush your goal!

Employee or business owner, Stephen wants you to find joy doing what you love, and still be able to spend time with the people you love the most.

Meet Coach Jen

Coach Jen is a life-long athlete. She was a two sport collegiate athlete, playing a leadership role on many of her teams throughout the years from elementary school through college.

Many of the skills she learned as an athlete have transmitted into her love of coaching others to be their best selves.

Since 2006, she's been tirelessly raising 6 amazing children in the Idaho area with her partner in crime, coach Stephen.

At one point, in 2018 however, she recognized she had lost the light within her, didn't have purpose, direction or energy even. Her health was waning and she knew at that point she needed to make a change.

And so began her personal development journey in the fitness, health, life and Mindpower Coaching industry to positively impact peoples lives by helping them become the best version of themselves especially when it comes to her family.

Meet Coach Spencer (In Training)

Spencer is an ambitious young man with a heart full of gold.

Lover of lacrosse, reading and landscaping, he sees the unfortunate struggle his peers are experiencing and he wants to make a positive difference in their lives.

He sees the future vision of his impact and has chosen to work on becoming a mindpower coach and help us empower the teens within the families we are coaching.

Our Mission

To positively Impact one million families through our ELITE mindpower coaching programs and offers:

  • 1-1 Coaching

  • Public Speaking

  • Athlete Mentorship & Coaching

  • Empowered Teach Coaching

  • 1 Million Kids™ Outreach Program with Stéph & Shay™

What is Mindpower Coaching?

MINDPOWER is where Emotional Resilience and Mental Toughness Converge

  • Having Emotional Resilience means that you are Never a Slave to Your Negative Emotions

  • Mental Toughness is the ability to Not Allow any Challenges in Life Stop You!

  • Mindpower Coaching is the ART of Helping Others Achieve their own level of Mindpower, experience the Greatness they Desire and be a Goal Achieving, Difference Making Machine for the People that Matter Most to them.

Jen has addressed audiences online and in person across the US both virtually and in person. She has been a mother to 6 for 17 years now, an avid athlete and youth group leader. She has presented on stage for high school youth, via zoom for business leaders and entrapraneus, as well as in front of networking groups.

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